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Originally Posted by MT Rotor View Post
I'll not worried about that link...its like spending $100,000 on a porche,..and asking yourself will I need a oil change/brakes turned(cut) or replaced in the future of owning the porche...the phone is built for what its supposed to which is talk browsing ect...and eventually it'll be worn out with cracked screens, dust filled headphone port, beat to sh*t battery from constant charging to watch that awesome 2hr movie, and being dropped a few dozen times...maintenance/replacement is required on point is nothing last forever if its overused/abused from its original intended need...even though a porche is a track car,but people still drive them like P****'s

Android +1
Points well taken.

Frankly I like this phone so much (and I'm picky) that I find myself very eager to get my hands on it.

One of the _many_ features of Android I really like is the variety of keyboards one can install.

l found SWYPE a really great choice on my Galaxy S, hoping to find something similar for the Nexus 4.

Any suggestions?
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