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Sorry for the "geek-speak". Basically what it means is that Google (or AT&T) has detected what it perceives to be an excessive amount of traffic either from your device or the network your phone is on, so they blocked it in case it was a DOS (denial of service) attack. This summer the huge domain hosting company godaddy was shut down by a denial of service attack. Simply stated they (the bad guys) set up a whole lot of computers to send automated requests to the servers until no one else can get through making it look like they are offline.

Since wifi worked but mobile data didn't I'd have to think that this is coming from AT&T. Give them a call, or walk it into the AT&T store and show them.

Don't worry about not being able to access the /system/csc/ATT/system directory, it's where AT&T keeps their pre-installed apps and they lock it down so normal users can't get rid of them. That's normal.
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