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Originally Posted by ElasticNinja View Post
Whatever about your biases against the VA system, I AM NOT ON ABOUT GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTHCARE.

All I said is that medicaid/care is currently more efficient than the pure free market alternative. I think they are shitty systems but the point stands.

You constantly fail to read what I say in my posts. I never mentioned veterans hospitals or whatever (which IMO are a completely ridiculous concept in the first place, but whatever).
You mentioned government run care. I brought up the VA because it is, by every definition, government run care and government provided free insurance. It's also complete and total crappy care. Our veterans deserve far better and we give them crap. Every American should be ashamed of the healthcare we provide our veterans. End of rant.

I will also add that while mentioned that the costs of Medicare haven't risen at the same rate that private insurance companies have neglects to mention the fact that Medicare is broke. It can afford to keep costs down because it operating at a loss and that's not sustainable long term.
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