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Apple started this with their patent trolling.

They've gotten an edict on US HTC phones for a fight they started in 2010 over a patent that is prior art for Microsoft and against whom they've taken no action, and for very good reason.

It's a feature that you'll find alive and well on your Gmail app but now can't find in HTC Mail. And in two and a half years, they've not lifted a finger against Google on this either.

HTC retaliated with Google's help because they had no other choice.

Sorry compadre, but I hate the memes going around about this.

When Android was the underdog and Apple started patent trolling, this forum was filled with oh noes, HTC stole.

When the countersuits started the rhetoric changed to why can't we all get along.

There is no getting along with a bully. They brought this fight, they refused to settle prior to the countersuit defense. And as a Taiwanese company, HTC found no relief in our justice.

So I cannot buy that maybe they both learned the same lesson.

HTC learned what we all know. You smack a bully back hard enough and he'll want peace.

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