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Originally Posted by titomi View Post
I can confirm that. About battery - ordinary using, some wifi, some talking (max 20 min a day), no mobile data - and it last for 2 days.
Just discovered a strange thing - after browsing on wifi I recieved a SMS of missed call. I thought that Samsung "always-on" si related only tu mobile data. But maybe I got something wrong set up ...
And from time to time the camera is starting by itsetft without any touch to phone. Does anyone have same experience?
I have my dual sim "always on" switched off, as one of my SIM is an international roaming sim that doesn't support local forward. I know that "always on" feature utilise phones call forward setting, perhaps check the call forward setting on the line that u receive the SMS miss call? In any case, the dual sim management system in Samsung DUOS is very well constructed.

I ve not experienced the camera switch on by itself. it sounds silly but perhaps try reset your phone?

the only strange thing I experienced on my Galaxy S DUOS is that after I switch on full encryption, when i reboot the phone the warning message asking if i want to have the "Always On" feature on or off is in German. though as soon as I booted everything is back in English. so that's a bit strange. Also there s some strange unicode setting in SMS message which means all non english SMS wont be sent properly, but all that needs is a check box to be checked in the setting and that's all.

All in, its a very pleasant and reliable Dual Sim phone. I cant wait for them to roll out the Jelly Bean OTA. Samsung is going down the list, should be soon.
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