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Good morning folks!

Up & running on a clean flash to 3.2 and it's quite nice. Happy to have the 4.1 deskclock back on the phone instead of that hideous 4.2 clock

Okay: I tried the app/data TiBU zip method.

I do not like it, Sam I am.

First of all, flashing it takes awhile as Recovery extracts the apps into the app drawer. Then once you get to the home screen, the phone is practically useless* while TiBU restores the data. It takes just as long - if not LONGER - than the old way of doing things. And system data elements like SMS/MMS and call log will not restore via the method... so I had to do the TiBU restore for those anyway.

Long story short: a nice feature to have, but it's going to be another TiBU bell & whistle that I'll likely never use.

* - "Useless" meaning that you really can't use any apps yet, as the data is still being written to them. You CAN make calls and send texts. Remember that any texts or calls you send/receive will be overwritten with the SMS/MMS & call log backup.

On a whole other topic:

'Star Wars: Episode VII': Michael Arndt has written treatment for next three films - Zap2it

Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher are up for Star Wars VII! Someone go dig Mark Hamill out of obscurity and get him on the set! Let's DO this!

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