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Originally Posted by dshay View Post
I tend to think this is quite accurate. And this is now becoming oh-so-reminiscent of the Galaxy Nexus pre-release times.... My only fear is that the DNA doesn't sell well and they decide to give it "a bit more time" and 11/27 becomes 12/15 (just for a bit of GNex symmetry....).
Well they have at least done preorders for this and stuff that have supposed ship date promises. Not sure they could pull a full on GNex thing after that. But this is why the day is after Black Friday. They have something more VZW specific and such to try and force on people who don't pay as much attention first.

The HTC will be nice and all, but it won't have the battery life, replaceable battery, mSD expansion, or the wacom digitizer goodness. Do they make more margin on Droid devices?? I don't get how these are better business case to the point they need to be exclusive with phone that might compete with them held back?? They spend more on them with marketing so it would seem they squeeze those like HTC and Moto for more margin somehow also. IF I were HTC or Moto, I would say "NO". Going ahead with this continued VZW control of your products only serves to allow Samsung who is doing their own thing dominate you further since you are limited to the network here or there you will let dictate the products you offer. While you have Samsung trying to mimic Apple and launch as much the exact same device on every network as possible and creating broad buzz about the device by doing it.
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