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Strongly considering the Nexus 4 and dumping Virgin Mobile USA and going for T-Mobile's prepaid 30/month plan. I love VM, I really do, but I want a Nexus device and 4G in my area.

I have to go over the hill to San Jose to get 4G, and I only do that when I'm flying out of SJC. So maybe enough 4G to get a few webpages and 4sq checkins in. Yay... I guess.

Only things I need to figure out though:
-HSPA speeds
-If I can port my #
-Minute overage rates
-How well this phone is.

I like that it's a Nexus device, but I don't see LG as reputable around the US as a high end smartphone maker. They've made decent lower end Smartphones, but I've never seen them take on the higher end market. I heard battery life wasn't too good either and it's of course non replaceable. :|

Oh well, I have a solar panel plus battery USB charger. I guess I have to carry that around with me. That's fine for such a nice looking and reasonably priced device.
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