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Originally Posted by NightAngel79 View Post
True dat.

The Incredible was the first of it's kind really (besides the HTC Nexus just released, which no one bought, lol)

The EVO didn't really bring anything new to the table (for me) the One series, while great, #1 weren't available on VZW and #2 didn't have anything that wow'd me. Though again, since they weren't on my carrier I never gave them a moments thought, except to complain that they had newer version of sense compared to my Rezound...

The DROID DNA by HTC is a game-changer IMO

SOOOOOOOOOOO can't wait till Tuesday
Yeah I agree with most of that. I was on Verizon when the Incredible came out and I got it on release day, it was truly an awesome phone. But wasn't the EVO the first android phone with a 4.3 inch screen? Isn't that what made Steve Jobs throw a hissy fit saying no one would want a screen that big? I'm not sure, but I was thinking it was.

I totally agree with you about if phones aren't on your carrier then usually they are not as big as a deal, but for me I switch carriers a lot just to play with new phones.

This phone is going to be great, it would be absolutely perfect if it was a Nexus device with at least a 3,000 mah battery, but if it is 2500 mah it should be fine. I will live without it being a Nexus, but it would have been nice.
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