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Originally Posted by badankles View Post
I'm in similar situation with staying on Sprint waiting for LTE via second tier. The 3G is so terrible and I'm using WIMAX so I wish there is an in between speed or better 3G here. Plus, with the release of the quad-core LG Optimus G vs dual-core SIII, I'm not sure what to do now. $199 for the quad-core is not bad at all.
Don't look at it as quad-core vs dual-core. That actually has not much of a bearing on being a better device. We've seen that with Tegra 3 vs Krait S4 on multiple fronts. However, I will say that the Krait S4 Pro does sound amazing, and if I could get that in my phone - I would be on it like white on rice. The only thing that scares me about the Optimus G is the fact that LG is making the software for it. Their track record regarding updates has made me a skeptic. They can always prove me wrong. I'm just not willing to sign the dotted lines until they do.
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