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The EU seems to be after Apple. Any country could decide to ban, and China could make Apple's life miserable. Witness MS and the IE debacle.

Neowin - Where unprofessional journalism looks better - Neowin (Apple and legal fees)

How America does business doesn't fly all over the world. Others see things differently as they should. With global economy, companies need to stop behaving like 800 lb gorillas.

Apple has gotten too big for its britches. Literally. I can't believe they don't have some department checking on usage, sources of some of the graphics, etc. It seems like the vendetta of being right is blinding those that make decisions and they are ignoring any warnings. Or think they are Caesar's wife.

Apple paid 13.9m for its Swiss clock design- The Inquirer

I've started to see articles questioning Apple's financial value, and the wisdom of these lawsuits in other places than tech. The effect of the lawsuits and the idiocy of some of the patents is starting to show where more people can see it. Hopefully, it gets to the point where Apple will rethink and go back to innovation..

I don't want them out of business - just to be reasonable. There is no perfect product and one size doesn't fit all. Freedom of choice is more important to me than ANY brand of ANYTHING.
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