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Originally Posted by coreyalan15 View Post
Yep, this is about what I would suspect. Wonder if the HD benches are higher triangle count also? The Mali was always ahead of the game on Pixel pumping capability so the way it has fallen behind on these HD benches so far suggests to me they have made them more complex models also rather than just increase the pixel count. Basically I am guessing with the same games played in HD vs SD it's closer than these tests are suggesting and that the mali actually only starts to fall down as triangle counts in the model go up. Not really sure actual games will see greatly higher geometry count anytime soon is my point. Sure the benchmarks might, but if the actual stuff you use the thing for never does it's added power for nothing.

Not to mention the differences are probably more related to 28nm vs 32nm in the end. You can afford more GPU on 28nm. Still though, none of these players are being as GPU aggressive and willing to go with a bigger chip as Apple.
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