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Originally Posted by A.Nonymous View Post
Not sure what reforms you could put in place to fix it. You'd have to take the power to vote for Congress out of the hands of the people. The problem is people think that everyone else's Congressman is the problem, but not theirs. So they vote for their Congressman and hate everyone else's.
I am constantly suggesting reforms, but you ignore them.
  • Proportional Representation
  • Requirement for the President to command a Congressional Majority, possibly with a Prime Ministerial position a la France.
  • Reduce influence of lobbyists by banning corporate donations to parties and funding them via the government's coffers.

Originally Posted by cmybliss View Post
Real term limit reform would fix the problem. But of course, the folks in charge of the reform don't want to reform themselves out of a job. Catch 22.
Term limits won't really help solve the problem. Its benefits would be relatively minor. You can also look at California to see the problems term limits create - inexperienced politicians abound. A politician being in the system for decades isn't necessarily terrible, although its important to bring new thinking in too.
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