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Hi Freezak, and welcome to AF

The main thing you need to understand is that there are several elements to an app. When you move an app to SD you move some elements, but others remain in internal memory. And application data always remain in the internal storage. Hence an app that is "on sd" still uses some internal space, just less than it would if "on phone", and so uninstalling the app will still free up internal space.

Those apps are definitely on SD - I know a couple of them, and they would take a lot more space if you moved them to the phone!

It's also normal for apps to download to internal storage, and for you to move them to sd after installation, which can be awkward if you are short of internal space. There is a trick with adb shell to change the default install location to sd, but that still doesn't mean that it will take no internal space. If you really are down to 1MB, as the image shows, then you are going to have a problem no matter what your default install location is (and remember that widgets don't work if you move the app to sd).

I think that your options are to either remove some apps or investigate rooting the phone. There are tricks you can use to gain more space, by using a partition on the sd card to store some of the stuff that would be in internal storage, but they need root to work. However, rooting is phone-specific and I don't know what root/ROM support there is for that handset. It also voids your warranty, so do your research before jumping in.
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