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Afterota v1.09
This program primarily targets A50X/G100W tablets with Ota Hc or Ota Ics.
It lets the user install a recovery and a bootloader, compatible with Hc or Ics.
Afterota offers no garanty for succes. You use Afterota at your own risk.
You can always end up with a bricked device.
Features :
- auto retrieval of all your tablet ID's
- saving important tablet ID's for future reference
- one click installation of bootloaders, recoveries and optionally stock kernels
- return to stock Hc or Ics through method
- unsoftbrick your tablet if it gets stuck in apx mode
- root your tablet
- etc . .
Credits ( people who directly or indirectly contributed ) :
- Vache, Jasto, Civato, Scrilax and a lot of guides on Xda
- Afterota now detects if there are multiple android devices connected to the computer.
If so, all flashing is disabled. There can be only one . .
- This update should resolve the isuese that users experienced when they were running
custom ics roms in combination with hc bootloader ( tested with hc bootloader + flexreaper )
- Removed the warning and exclusion when kernel returns bootloader version 0.03.11-ICS.
These were excluded in Afterota v1.07 ( see changelog v1.07 for more info )
- added v8 ics bootloaders by Scrilax to the package
- Afterota should work for all models : A500, A501, G100W
- new method for retrieving information
- when kernel returns bootloader version 0.03.11-ICS all flashing is disabled
this situation could apear when a user is on bl 0.03.01-HC with a SOD patched
kernel, these kernels are unable to start APX mode
- program lets you install ics bootloader on HC roms now
the v7 ics bootloader can start Hc roms as long they are not stock ( CWM HC roms )
so a user currently on Hc could install the Ics bootloader + a recovery
and during reboot into recovery imeditatly flash a custom cwm Ics rom ( eg. flexreaper)
or go back to Hc by flashing a cwm Hc rom. ( this has been tested and proven to work )
- program layout simplified
- winxp and vista are back in the running
- bugfix in bootloader detection (again)
- added lite version to the package
- added v7 ics bootloaders by Scrilax to the package
- bugfix in bootloader detection
- when ics build is not recognized, all kernel flashing is disabled
- changed layout a bit to hold more information
- changed the way the id's are detected
- ics version detection for flashing correct kernel
- program restricted for usage on win7 only
- displays uac warning, uac sometimes causes nvflash to crash
- removed the auto reboot after pushing the root packet to the tablet
- updated thor recovery for ics to v1.73
- the program now displays a warning if the file containing serial, cpuid and sbk is not found
- improved the code to disable the "" script
- made some changes to the way the program acts in different situations
- when hc rom is detected all ics bootloader & kernel flashing is disabled
- when ics rom is detected all hd bootloader flashing is disabled, except on the "back to stock" tab
- several other changes to the interface as sugested by civato.
- initial release
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