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Originally Posted by rivera02 View Post
This is the Verizon HTC Droid DNA | Android Central

Here's one of the articles that points to a 2500mah battery. It was from the person that was initially leaking the photos a few weeks back.
Unfortunately I think AC got it wrong. I expect something around the SGS3 size of 2100

Originally Posted by rdalcanto View Post
But you can carry a spare for the S3. I agree, if it is not removable, it should be at least 2500.
True, but I'm thinking the quad-core being more efficient will make this out perform the SGS3 battery either way

Originally Posted by red66charger View Post
You guys are freaking me out! Now I'm getting all excited about this. My first Android was a Thunderbolt and well...

I actually didn't mind Sense but that battery life kept me away from Rezound. But there is something about this device that's keeping me from jumping on a non-subsidized RAZR HD. Here's to hoping for a mega battery.
Sounds nice but as long as the code, ie sense gets better than battery life will improve without any other changes. The 1600 in the rezound was horrible, but I HATE the bulkiness of the 2750 I am using... a 2100 would be the perfect medium for me

Originally Posted by AntimonyER View Post
I agree, a MAXX size battery would be a game changer. I'm watching this phone with a lot of interest, although I don't have an upgrade until May (or March if I give up unlimited.)
Don't quote me but I'm pretty sure you can transfer your upgrade to a different line, use the upgrade for a phone, then activate it on your line and keep your unlimited....

Gets you a DNA sooner
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