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Originally Posted by GuyInAZ View Post
Hi, just joined the forum.

Having a problem with my Boost Mobile Samsung Transform Ultra and would greatly appreciate any help in resolving it so I don't have to send it to Samsung to be fixed.

Have had the phone for about 5 months, never rooted it, never had any problems. Usually leave it on charge @ night so it's fully charged in the morning. Woke up one morning about a month ago to a black screen, power button did nothing, blue light on so fully charged. Took the battery out and put it back in, worked for a few minutes after rebooting then shut off. Did this several times with same results.
Decided to do a factory reset from the settings menu, rebooted, same problem. Googled hard reset and found a youtube video, did the down volume power button thing and chose factory reset in the menu. Rebooted, issue resloved.
Yesterday @ work, installed Adobe Reader while charging on USB on work PC, looked at phone about 30 minutes later, black screen back, power button non functional, removed battery, same issue as before. Came home and did a factory reset again. Now when it boots it gets to "Preparing SD Card" and reboots and will continue this loop until I pull the battery out.
Attempted to follow these instructions from a previous thread in the forum. Have Odin and TransformUltra.ops but can't download the image files. Server must be busy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can't do another factory reset, flashes some message really fast that says something like "Login file does not exist."



Update: Followed the instructions in this thread to the "T", was able to download the necessary files from the provided links, same issue.
Have you by any chance messed with the bluetooth or stock music app?
The reason I'm asking is because in my early android days, I uninstalled the stock music app and replaced it with one I did like. Well, something with the stock music app has to do with the Bluetooth. If you uninstall or mess with the stock music app it will cause a boot loop on this device. Found that out the wrong way, lol.
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