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The storage space, camera, and color (white!) are nice. I'd been wanting an S2 for so long. But at this point, I think I will likely pass. Although I don't use the 3D that often, I like to have it on my phone, and I like the sense widgets and look. The internal memory is horrible, but I'm still ok so far with most apps moved to SD, and Titanium Backup around to move whatever else I want to SD if I need to. I think I will try to hang on to my Evo V until something comes out that has specs that are worth upgrading for. I would have switched to the S2 in an instant a short time ago, before I did the s-off radio fix. But now that I finally did that, my phone has been significantly better, and for the first time in a while I don't feel like I need to run out and get a new phone.
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