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Originally Posted by Grouch View Post
I looked at over 3 dozen apps on google play and ran some searches...

I'm looking for an app that will set the droid wallpaper to a random image from a single (or set of) flickr groups.

To view Flickr groups on the site, you have to log in. But there is a way to access them without logging in... I don't know how that works.

Some cool groups....
Flickr: WorldWide Wild Wilderness!!
Flickr: I love my cat
Flickr: Sunsets & Sunrises around the world (121 Countries!)
The best flickr groups keep their photos clean (no family photos - just the subject shot!)

Anyway, not looking for 'tags' or 'pick specific photos' ... just want it to pull from these groups.

Also, the time interval should be adjustable (1 hour, 1week, whatever)

For the PC I use this amazing freeware John’s Background Switcher | Johns Adventures

I don't mind paying a dollar if it's stable and will work on an S2.

Any suggestions? I'm tired of reading descriptions and installing and uninstalling.

i moved this thread to the application subforums. hopefully someone here might know of what you are looking for as i have not come across anything like that myself.
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