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Originally Posted by B2L View Post
Today should be an interesting day, I'm giddy like a school girl.
I am too. I will be getting a new phone after thanksgiving. I have really enjoyed my Dinc...


1) I have the unlimited data plan (since 2010) and concerned Ill lose it. I cant ever seem to get a straight answer from anybody at Verizon about how it all works. Each time the story is slightly different.

2) Battery life. I have an Original Dinc and get about two days out of it...but that has been slowly slipping the last month as I think my battery is fading. I know with the new gen phones being much larger screens that kind of life is not going to easily happen. Sitting it in a dock doesnt bother me but when I am onsite, I need it to go at LEAST 12-16 hours without being an issue. In those sites I do turn off BT, WiFI and other radios that I know will not connect to anything.

3) Radio. I travel to a lot of po-dunk places for work (read in the middle of NOWHERE) and my Dinc does well; So it needs to be the same radio wise.

4) Reliable. My Dinc has been a rock really with only one time of chaos that was user inflicted.

Its between this and the S3 for me really. And the S3 has "reported" radio weaknesses...but I have not experiences them first hand.
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