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Originally Posted by Sandroidfan View Post
I saw that review too. But my point is that Note 2 is at 720p, not 1080p. If they compare GL bench of Note 2 at 720p to DNA at 1080p, I bet the performance gap will be much smaller than those Egypt charts.

BTW, it turns out today that DNA has only 16Gb internal memory, fixed 2020mAh battery, what a joke!

Yep, not interested. What a relief that it is not for me. I was torn between the two devices, Note 2 and DNA. Wanted it to be a great phone, but with TWO huge errors, No-Go.
Reality check: Quad Core, full HD screen. Multimedia machine right? I mean it has 11GB of memory after the OS and bloat... So, with two 4GB HD movies (720p) or two true BlueRay (1080p) moves at 8GB, that will hold a whopping 2-3 movies unless you have 2-4gb of music, couple pictures already on the phone. What a joke! Well, maybe not! If you have tiered data plan and want to stream a movie in true HD! at 8gb....wait, that doesn't work either. Ok, so you have unlimited data and the cloud is full of your 100gb of movies and you start watching them...wait, then your battery, all 2020mah if it, is dead after probably 2.

Glad I pre-ordered the Note 2 with it's 64gb memory card and 16GB internal (73GB usable?) and 3100 battery which is replaceable. This is a multimedia machine!

Dont get me wrong, if those two things were fixed in the DNA, I might have jumped ship.
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