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Originally Posted by EliC View Post
Would have to hold it in my hand, but looks fantastic. Screens are getting ridiculous, but the phone size (thanks to reduced bezel) is staying pretty consistent. I wouldn't mind it being a small amount thicker, especially if they could add a larger batter (3000-4000 mAh), and maybe cut down on the length (my bionic is very comfortable at ~130mm as opposed to 141 for the DNA).

Hopefully, we see something like this for a Motorola Nexus Maxx.
Maxx HD is already thinner than this phone, so if they ever made a nexus one, you would definitely see this sort of thickness or thinner with a 3300mah or larger battery. HTC just isn't so good at putting big batteries in thin packages, though they have come a long way from the rezound which was 13mm thick and had a 1600mah battery or something along those lines. I guarantee if HTC had given this phone even a 3000mah battery, it would easily be 13mm thick again, which would be a problem for many people given that the phone is already at the average consumer limit for width. When you have to wrap your hand around it, thickness adds just as much difficulty as width can.
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