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Originally Posted by cmybliss View Post
Every company my husband has worked for since 2000 has laid people off at this time of year. Really, they do it at the end of each quarter. It's their way of maximizing profits. Doesn't matter who's in office, as it was just as prevalent in his line of work during the Bush years.

Just my 0.02
Your 0.02 is worth a little more than you give yourself credit for. I have seen similar behavior and I have actually been with the same company since 2001.

My company has been laying off people, quarterly, in the name of Lean Management. It'd have more credibility if they knew the realities of Lean Management, but they don't.

It is like clockwork, we see the irrational projections they tell "the street" and then a few months later there is a down-sizing. You could set a seasonal watch by it.
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