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Originally Posted by Lennatron View Post
The bigger issue for me is the lack of 4G. Just about every smartphone released now as 4G, but Google's flaghsip doesn't. Like are you kidding me Google? When I first read it on Phandroid I thought the author misunderstood something because Google would never do something retrogress like that but sadly they did
Look at the mess that is the Verizon Galaxy "Nexus." Until LTE is an open standard, Google will likely not use it in their direct offerings. (I would bet there will be an exact replica though only for Verizon, but NOT a Google experience phone.)

Also, it is HSPA+ capable. In my area, T-Mobile gets 11-12M down, which is as good if not better than Verizon.

Gotta look at the big picture.
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