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Originally Posted by Archoza View Post
Yeah, i finished the game, but now im having some problems with Eve of Zero [if thats how its called].

I mean, i dont have time to attack him, i often have to heal my party members and give buffs.
Any tips? :[
Eve of Zero is a lot tougher than the previous bosses. I think the level cap of this game is like 250 or something like that, and you don't need to be THAT powerful, but it helps to level up a LOT before attempting it again. There isn't a whole lot else you can do other than level up and gather gems and Sands items to power up (there is a desert island north of the Royal Club where the enemies drop Sands a lot and decent money/XP), gather all of the elemental armors (which are behind those locked red doors). Once you've defeated EoZ, you get to face off with the Phoenixes. Have fun with that, :-P
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