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Originally Posted by pcrequest View Post
Thanks everyone!

Can I use GrooveIP in other countries, as long I have a data connection? That would really rock.

Thanks for clarifying the SIM size, and the plan. I tried to buy a N4 today, but no luck. I got to thinking, why do I even have my current plan still? I should have dumped it for any prepaid, bring your own device last spring when it expired. I'm thinking I may try Sign Up, Log In, or Learn More | Solavei on my Nexus One. I think I can port my number there, then eventually over to T-mobile prepaid. Any rumors of discontinuing the t-mo $30 plan?

Point noted some have said t-mobile has ported number from contract to prepaid.

Point noted about porting number to Google voice. In the past, T-mobile will suspend service up to 3 months. If I should need a longer time, then porting to google voice is a great idea. I would like to keep my cell number as my cell number though. Occationally, my cell won't ring using Google voice (out in the boonies) but my real number will. I'd rather not give out another number in those situations. I already have a Google voice account and that's the number I give out (and I have my landlines, cell ring).
GrooveIP only advertises as working in the US and Canada. Additionally, Google Voice charges for International calls, even if you could find a way to get GrooveIP to work, so the calls would not be free.

Solavei is an MLM for mobile service, including a fee to join ($49), so I'm not sure it would save you money short term. You might consider Straight Talk for $45/month which allows you to bring your own phone; they give you a choice between T-Mobile's and AT&T's towers (based on which SIM you buy). You can also often find codes to get the SIM card discounted or free (latest I've seen is "SIMSAVE") at checkout. There are also a few other GSM mobile prepaid carriers that let you bring your own phone.
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