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Originally Posted by pcrequest View Post
Groove IP page in G Play says calls to US and Canada. If my IP packets are coming from outside of there, Groove or Google drops it maybe?

I'll nix Solavei, just so I don't have to deal with MLM, thanks. They do waive first month of service in a promo. At the Straight Talk site I see a Walmart logo. ST is different than the $30 Walmart T-mobile prepaid? Confusing. Since T-mobile coverage isn't great in my neighborhood (I rely on landline), I would not mind trying Straight Talk on ATT's network. I could port to ST, then port to T-mobile prepaid a month later for the $30 deal, right?

If ATT turns out poorly, it's not a big deal to me for a month. I really need off my $88 post paid t-mobile ASAP.
Straight Talk is a subsidiary of TracFone, and I don't think they are related to Walmart, other than Walmart being the retailer that sells the most Straight Talk phones. Straight Talk has contracts with both AT&T and T-Mobile for the use of their mobile networks. From what I understand, one advantage of this is that they allow voice-only roaming on both networks. So, since you don't have great T-Mobile coverage at your home, even with the T-Mobile SIM you could still get calls over AT&T (just may not have a data connection).

T-Mobile's $30 plan is offered by T-Mobile Monthly, which is wholly owned by T-Mobile. They just have a contract with Walmart, making Walmart the only retailer that can offer the $30 plan. Walmart doesn't have anything to do with the service, outside of their mobile department being able to activate phones that are sold in their stores.

In any case, yes, you can move to Straight Talk for a month and then switch over to T-Mobile monthly. That is the advantage of prepaid providers, the ability to switch with no notice or cancellation fees for any reason.
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