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Originally Posted by mkhalil06 View Post
that POS HTC DNA now shows as shipping on 11/16 on VZW's site

total BS
Originally Posted by rdalcanto View Post
I'm surprised that Verizon is releasing the DNA and N2 within two weeks of each other. I think there will be a lot of DNA returns....
Originally Posted by MiXoLoGiSt View Post
I don't think Verizon hates Samsung or they are trying to build anxiety for the phones release, I think Verizon is taking longer than other carriers because it is taking longer for Samsung to make Verizon's version of the phone. The fact that Verizon branded the home button I'm sure is slowing down the production of their models because its one extra step Samsung has to take to get the phones out the door and to Verizon.
The above three posts were never part of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus nonsense I guess?? I bet we can find the exact same posts by different peeps back in that thread. Verizon doesn't like devices they somehow are tricked into selling. There is a reason the GNex was the first and probably LAST Nexus device that will work on VZW in awhile. The Galaxy line from samsung that is now pushed out on all networks as much at once as possible is something else Verizon doesn't like. I think they are more OK with he iPhone cause they knew they were losing customers without it and Apple is a more closed up tightly controlled setup just like them.

Originally Posted by MiXoLoGiSt View Post
Honestly I don't think there will be a lot of DNA returns. The fact of the matter is the DNA is cheaper, smaller and has a better screen. Most people shop with their eyes and buy things that look good. That screen on the DNA will draw a lot of people in. The average consumer doesn't give 2 craps about the technical specs like we all do. If you start talking processor speeds and mAh and ppi, the average consumer will get completely lost and have no clue what you are talking about.
This is what VZW is banking. Get the brunt of contract switches over the holidays on this device. I don't know the reasoning, but I figure the fact the Galaxy Note is a hugely desired device and not something made special for them means they somehow make less margin in how the parts are all costed out to them.
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