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Originally Posted by AntimonyER View Post
Nuts, I knew I should have grabbed my tablet this morning! Now I have to wait to get 4.2 until tonight.

So the DNA is really calling to me. Not sure if I will be able to resist (I have always been a Sense fan) And with my new seat unable to get 4G again, and considering my fellow coworker with the Rezound always had much better signal, I am thinking it may be time to say goodbye to my Nexus... Unless you want to talk me out of it
I'm right there with you Anti...if I could find a way to break even in the process I'd be getting a DNA in a heartbeat. My wife's rezound always has better reception. Battery life is just about as good as well. I've really been impressed with her phone and she hasn't had a complaint about it since buying it, which is amazing.

Edit: Regarding the 4.2 update...guess that's the one big downside of rooting and ROMming the N7...delays in updates. (not often you hear that out of rooted devices)
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