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I actually did just sell my infinity and intend to buy a N10 (if stock ever improves, I was locked out of the website yesterday, this reminds me of trying to buy a prime last year).

Reasons why I made the trade:

- I was able to make nearly an even swap cost wise, as the infinity + dock used sold for slightly more than the new 32gb N10.

- I have had it with the IO issues of the Infinity, and was not willing to lose my warranty in order to unlock/root/improve with a custom ROM.

- I want quicker OTA updates & they don't get quicker than Nexus devices. Who knows when the Infinity will see an official 4.2 update.

- I really do like the front facing speakers... that drove me nuts on the Infinity, as I use the device for media playback quite often.

Reasons why I will miss my infinity:

- The superb keyboard dock, with its battery & numerous ports.

- The SD slots, though I never really used them.

- Tegra game support... some nice titles here that are Tegra exclusive.

So... weigh it for yourself. Either way its what is important to you, and either way you'll have a great tablet imo.
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