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Originally Posted by rivera02 View Post
I was wondering how you were so sure of the 2020 battery BTW Lol! Yeah the storage is a real bummer for me they were so close to making my dream phone!
I tried to be discreet, LOL!

I know! It was in danger of being the perfect phone, lol! Guess it had to have one flaw (i dont think the battery is a flaw)
Originally Posted by TrooperThorn View Post
This device feels way better in my pocket than my Rezound. Especially considering that I had the extended battery on it, which made it an absolute brick.

This thing is slim enough that I don't even feel it there. Feels a lot like my GS3.
Completely agree, I have the extended on the rezound and WOW to the difference in my pocket. I can tell it is longer/wider but **** is it thin!

Originally Posted by Bearcats View Post
And that was my waffle. I like the SG3 features with TouchWiz (text to phone call, left right swipe from contacts); but being stuck out in a mill with no signal makes my life miserable.

I also assume that should I get giggly I can use launchers on this phone as well? I also want to dive into Tasker and NFC tags as well because...well just because I am a dork!
I simply can't use my better half's SGS3, I'm a sense fanboy so perhaps I'm biased (even she likes my sense phones better)
Originally Posted by DuhDaddy View Post
I'm researching this for my wife's replacement, she has the original TB as well and always complains about the battery, so that is huge, along with boot up time and phone quality. I have the Galaxy Nexus and while I like the phone, call quality is not what I expected. She doesn't need lots of storage so that's a non issue for her. I'm also looking at the Droid Maxx HD from Motorola which is supposed to have great battery life. She's thinking about the iphone 5 but isn't sure she'll like learning a new system and the lack of a back button on the iphone worries her as well. Looking forward to battery use reports. Thanks again, NA
No worries, I'm glad to help.

I actually have the iPhone 5 (its a work provided phone) and they just cannot be compared. I have found the iPhone to unnecessarily complicated to do simple things. There def is a learning curve.

I also can't compare battery life between the two cause I just can't seem to use it for most things, screen to small, etc....

Originally Posted by orcsbane13 View Post
If her biggest complaints are battery and call quality I'd definitely go with the maxx hd. Nothing is going to beat it's battery life esp if you use the smart actions and moto usually has the best phone quality.

Can't really argue with that, Moto has long been the leader in radio quality and obviously the battery is a MONSTER. But it is still a Moto,

Ugly, IMO. Plus Sense > EVERY other UI
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