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i waited for this phone like many of you. i have always had good luck with htc phones (apache-ppc6700, evo and currently evo3d). my company is moving over to verizon so i needed to choose something and this looked like it was going to have it all. but somehow along the design path they have saddled this device with 2 fatal flaws. the inability to expand it's meager storage capacity, and it's non replaceable undersized battery will absolutely kill potential sales. after yesterdays show i preordered the GN2. this business of non replaceable batteries which is just the manufactures way of killing the used phone market is something i wont support. i want to see what kind of battery life you get after 1 year of a 2 year contract. i also have no idea what they were thinking with just a 16gb version. as long as companies like samsung and motorola continue to build phones with battery options and expandable storage, they will get my business. this phone is sort of like a ferrari with a 1 gallon gas tank, it's fun for about a day.
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