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Originally Posted by NightAngel79 View Post
Fair enough but believe me when I say that the battery is NO slouch. Just because the Maxx/GN2 battery is x amont bigger doesn't mean everything.

Could HTC put bigger battery in? Sure. But I am completely pleased with the battery life
As technology changes, so do requirements. As long as the battery meets usage needs; I am good to go. I will wait to see a couple days of usage from DA to see what he thinks.

I dont stream from my phone music or video. I text a lot and get email. It also dawned on me I use QuickOffice a lot and need to make sure I can get that on my new phone.

I kind of equate this engine size on a car. Same car but a 4 banger and 6 banger. Yeah the six banger is fun, get you there in a hurry but is it REALLY necessary or a bragging feature? Again, if the phone only last 12 hours and follows the prior path of HTC's battery issues then its a moot discussion.

But two days out is kinda hard to just say "Whelp, its a 4 banger..its a POS". To be worried or concerned is one thing. To completely dismiss it....well....
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