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Originally Posted by ScandaLeX View Post
I'm unfamiliar with all things Gnex. Have never wanted one so I'm kind of clueless regarding anything related to Verizon and that phone.
The lead up to the Google announcement of it and then drama related to the VZW version basically being outted by google and then no actual release details ever being announced created one of the longest and most active threads ever on this forum. The Moto RAZR was a total unknown for a good part of the hoopla, but ended up being announced and available almost a full month before the GNex.

After the RAZR debacle was understood and that it would be first out of nowhere, a huge email and twitter assault happened to get some sorta official word from VZW on the device. They finally said in a press release it would be out before the end of the year. It was obvious all along that aspects of it were being negotiated with Google up until the just before it released. We know the GNote 2 has the VZW button, but there are probably other things being negotiated that have held it up just because VZW wants to be a pain about it rather than happily taking the device ASAP and making the customers that desire it happy. In the mean time it won't compete with devices they have had a lot more control over such as the Droid line.
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