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Originally Posted by ZippoM View Post
Thank you mikedt!

The more I read about these dual-sim phones, the more I get the picture that the "Chinese" models' buyers from the rest of the world, are more or less on their own, as far as guarantees and servicing goes.

What has puzzled me is the policies of the bigger brands like Samsung, HTC etc. with the dual-sim models.They seem too reluctant to introduce such models in European or N.America markets, and when they do, they do it half-heartedly.
I understand the priorities of promoting their multi-media loaded models and targeting the younger customers, but I don't understand the neglecting of the (quite large I believe) market segment, which still uses these contraptions as..... phones!!!
What would it cost to them -I often wonder- to have just added dual-sim active features to, let's say, the Galaxy S III or, (God forbid!).... the iPhone 5??
I'm sure it's the way the carriers operate as well, seems in North America especially, you're pretty well expected to be buying a phone subsidised by the carriers and taking out a two year contract with them. The phones are probably SIM-locked to the carriers. Would be rather pointless having a SIM-locked dual-SIM phone.

Whereas in Asia phones are usually not subsidised, not SIM-locked and most people seem to use non-commitment pre-paid plans.

The whole idea of dual-SIM phones started in China, because of the provincial roaming they have here. I've got SIM for China Mobile Inner Mongolia, which offers very cheap calls within the province. However I frequently go to Beijing, I get charged much more for calls and have to pay for incoming calls as well. So it pays me to have a China Mobile Beijing SIM as well, for the time I'm there. However I don't wish to carry two phones around with me.

BTW you can also get triple-SIM, and even quad-SIM phones as well.
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