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Originally Posted by jlgarr86 View Post
i'm not gonna lie i had a good laugh at that algorithm bit haha android can make a good guess that i want fb loaded but perhaps i'm feeling twitter today and my phone is being eaten alive by that misguided memory being preloaded so twitter runs like crap. how about my phone keeps memory waiting and free up until i'm ready to use it
Well that type of prediction would be inefficient - just because I'm near a Starbucks doesn't mean I need that app (though Starbucks might disagree). But leaving memory empty won't make twitter run faster either - loading twitter will take time, and once it's loaded it doesn't matter whether the rest of the RAM is empty or storing inactive apps.

If the phone tries to keep your commonly used apps in memory, they will start faster and starting them will use less power. If it constantly cleared them from memory the opposite would be true. So the efficient thing to do is to try to keep your most-used apps in memory, and clear space as needed (and only as needed) when other things are run. On average this strategy will make the phone faster and more efficient.
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