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It's always nice to find a Palm fan out there. I'm new to this site and wasn't expecting to find any! I loved my Treo and now have a Palm Pre 2. Productivity on my phone is important to me. Syncing contacts, calendar, To Do lists, Memos, and being able to switch between apps quickly, eg. phone call on speaker while I check my calendar, google maps, contacts, etc. I'm still looking for that in a phone, and was hoping to find converts on this forum that could speak my language. I really don't want to give up my free tethering app or unlimited data plan either.
I can tell from your post, you have gotten the "reaction" as I have on numerous occasions when I tell someone how I don't want to give up my Palm Pre. The eye rolling, the hrrumph, the nod.... like "you've got to be kidding me". Of course I don't care much about the games, movies, bells and whistles or big screens.
Issues with the Pre that are causing me to look elsewhere. No group message reply option like the Iphone has, repetitive problems with the device going into headphone mode randomly, and of course battery drain.
What do you think are the best phone to consider? I do know now I like the Sense UI you get on the HTC Androids. The Droid Incredible 4G LTE is one I'm looking at. It's small enough for my pocket.
Would love your input or others! Thanks for this great forum!
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