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Originally Posted by sean76 View Post
I just called also. Pretty much got the same answer as far as, Well you have a 50/50 shot of either being in the backordered bunch, or getting your device in the next few days!

What really gets me is this...

When I started the process of placing my order at say 11:30am I was kicked out of the buy page a few times and actually ended up placing 3 orders all together and was able to cancel 2 of those orders and pretty much keep my original order of a 16gig Nexus 4, and now days later a lot of us are getting back ordered emails. My question is where did all the stock go? Could this all be because they released the device in so many different areas at different times. For instance Australia first, then the UK next, and then the US? Of course the US would suffer if demand was high in the previous areas the phone was released. Why not just pick one day, and one time, and let the chips fall as they may.
I don't think they can cross-stock by country. These devices need to be registered with the FCC so I don't think they can take stock from here and use it to fulfill orders in Australia.
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