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Originally Posted by PortNerd View Post
After a few false starts, I got my device rooted. (Yay me!)

Now, I'm stuck in the "flash rom" step.

First, I downloaded nakasi-jzo54k-factory-973f190e.tgz from google, then I unzipped it.

I then used the Root Toolkit, Advanced utilities, Boot/Flash image, Boot (temporary) tool and pointed it to the file bootloader-grouper-3.41.img.

My nexus rebooted into fastboot mode, and it says "booting downloaded image".

It's said that for almost half an hour now, and I'm getting nervous.

Should I wait longer? Would I be risking breaking something if I just unplugged it and rebooted the nexus?
Eek. I'm no expert but I'd pull the cable.

If your N7 doesn't boot, don't panic. Try the flash to stock with the softbrick option selected. If that doesn't work there's really smart folks on here to help.

Either way, to avoid not getting the right image, I'd flash stock and unroot to 4.1.2. Then, if you wanted, root from there.

Let us know how it goes.
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