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Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
From the man page -


So, doesn't !wildcard mean that no wildcards are allowed?

Maybe better to create a list of the files you want to exclude and then input that list?
I saw that, I didn't get it. But that makes sense (the ! and all).... what's the part with square brackets mean?

Originally Posted by argedion View Post
as a test I was doing ~/Downloads/temp I had a zip file in temp along with some other regular files everytime I do something similar to this

7za a temp.7z ~/Downloads/temp -x!*.zip
I get the error of it still zipping the zip file if i add the " r -x!" then i get incorrect command


Yeah I have done that I have done -ax I have put it up front of the commands, behind them and still get the same thing either it will make the archive adding the zip file or it gives me the incorrect command error.

Basically when I zip up the contents from my SDCARD in the phone I want to archive everthing except for the stuff that is already in archive format. no need to compress that stuff again. I guess I may have to go through and remove the zips before I run my bash to zip the sdcard up. I was going to put this in conjuction with my other bash that copies the entire content of the sdcards using adb command.
I was going to automate the process of compressing those backups and removing everything from the original except the archived files that were there. I could then rsync to an archived folder those files and then delete the source files and finally delete the empty directorys.

Sounds simple right???????
Hmm... I'd play around with that ls into grep I had up a few posts... that *should* be doing that.
When I tested it with 7zr, it would list the contents of my directory except anything with a zip or 7z file extension... and it would use that as the include list.
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