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Originally Posted by wtherrell View Post
Toolkits are great when they work. They are a pretty good starter kit to the world of unlocking, rooting, roming. When I use ADB it's like copying a recipe or letter to the exact degree at first but I am able to start getting an idea of what is really going on. Had it not been for rootkit I would probably still be stuck in the mundane and boring world of stock Verizon. (Ugh, what a thought.)
No it's (cable pull) exactly what I had to do on my gnex. It went all night stuck like that and in the morning had completely gone dead. Had to charge several hours with original cable to bring it back. Next time it did it I pulled the cable and started over, it worked the next time--no brick. Maybe I was just lucky.
I agree, I used wugs on my GNEX. It was okay.. More trouble than it was worth though. I used adb for my 7 and it was SO much easier for whatever reason.

If it is truly frozen, you might get away with a cable pull. It might have not even started the flashing process.. I would try closing the tool kit and then reopening it and trying to flash it again and if it freezes again just say screw it and look up how to do it adb there's a great video from android Central on YouTube showing you step by step how to.

But as a general rule, any time you are flashing, especially if it's the boot loader and you pull the cable, with either by accident or on purpose and it causes it to fail you may be screwed. If the bootloader does truly get corrupted then there will be no way to boot into it to fix it..
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