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Originally Posted by sexymandroid View Post
Well I decided to give another call to Play support and I got some more detailed news (although I'm taking it with a grain of salt). Apparently if you haven't received a backorder email by now, you're not on the backorder list. The customer service rep I talked to also said order time does play a factor. I don't really trust that statement because of what users have said.

The rep told me that because there is a huge delivery list, it's taking a while to get uploaded and that our items could very well be in transit right now. He also said worst case scenario my N4 would get here before Tuesday, and no later.

So apparently the no news is good news thing isn't to far off. Hopefully this is true!
I also called and got just about the same response (the guy I talked to was Mike BTW). He said if you haven't gotten the back order email by now, you are likely in the clear.

He didn't say that my nexus 4 could already be in transit, but did say worst case scenario would be Tuesday. Hinted that Monday is most likely.

Also he said that the deal they have with UPS right now does not include Saturday delivery.
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