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Originally Posted by carracerz14 View Post
Yes I've seen those too, and it's especially annoying when I am on my phone viewing the desktop site and can't close the Damn thing.
Originally Posted by Gmash View Post
I get those, too, and its really annoying because my phone won't let me get to the x to close the ad. The only way I can get rid of it is to back out and reload the page. It covers my "xx unread posts" link, so I can't just ignore it.
They are absolutely infuriating when browsing mobile. No matter how you try hitting the tiny x it is impossible to hit. Using pinch to zoom moves the tiny x off the edge of the screen and reloading the page doesn't work for me usually. I've luckily found a great work around in my stock HTC internet browser, and that is to toggle off JavaScript. I also leave Flash off. It allows me to have the AndroidForums desktop experience, ad-free, while on the go.

When I need to log in to AF or use a different site that requires java I toggle it back on. I generally forget to turn it off again and about have an aneurism when I come back to AF and there is that annoying tiny x again.
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