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Originally Posted by consultant View Post
RAM/Storage - you get the point. Sheesh. The Storage is just a slower/cheaper RAM.

But what good is all the fancy latest specs (S4 processor, bla bla bla) when you go to take that HD movie and you don't have enough free storage left to save it?

Seems the manufacturers know something about the psychology of the "new" demographic they are selling to that I don't get. I'm operating on logic. Do 20-somethings and 30-something no longer use logic in their purchase decisions and just want the newest device with the fastest processor? Or am I the only one that has an MP3 collection of decent bitrate quality that wants to play songs in my car without having burning up my 3G/4G connection? Feeling OLD!

Google - Come out with a Nexus 4+ with LTE and 32GB, and I'll be happy to shell out $449 or even $499.

If there's a much more active thread on this very subject, can someone please throw me a bone and point me to it? Thanks.
Here's one:

Nexus 4- Together we can start a Revolution

Don't expect any good answers, just the same talking in circles.
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