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Originally Posted by h4x0rj3ff View Post
ive been seeing the fly over ads more and more recently when im logged in... the ones that darken the background (the forum) and present a popup that has an "X" in the upper right corner. the ones that you see when your logged out. but im logged in....
Originally Posted by carracerz14 View Post
Yes I've seen those too, and it's especially annoying when I am on my phone viewing the desktop site and can't close the Damn thing.
Originally Posted by Gmash View Post
I get those, too, and its really annoying because my phone won't let me get to the x to close the ad. The only way I can get rid of it is to back out and reload the page. It covers my "xx unread posts" link, so I can't just ignore it.
Originally Posted by PyroSporker View Post
They are absolutely infuriating when browsing mobile. No matter how you try hitting the tiny x it is impossible to hit. Using pinch to zoom moves the tiny x off the edge of the screen and reloading the page doesn't work for me usually. I've luckily found a great work around in my stock HTC internet browser, and that is to toggle off JavaScript. I also leave Flash off. It allows me to have the AndroidForums desktop experience, ad-free, while on the go.

When I need to log in to AF or use a different site that requires java I toggle it back on. I generally forget to turn it off again and about have an aneurism when I come back to AF and there is that annoying tiny x again.
I HATE those.

I'll tell ya what I recently realized though. After tons of frustration with not being able to hit the X, I've found huge relief in the realization that if I just refresh the page it goes away!
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