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Is 16GB of storage THAT expensive? Is it THAT hard to offer a 32GB Nexus 4 version for $399? Crazy!

I've got a 15GB music collection. Larger than average but I know people with much larger. They are mostly 192kbit-256kbit VBR MP3/M4A - good quality. I don't want to burn up my battery and my data plan limit having to stream my music from Google Play when driving!

Then consider, these latest greatest devices are sporting 8MP cameras and 1080P HD Video Recording producing larger and larger filesizes. Where are you going to store that, stream it to "The Cloud" - not on HPSA+, maybe LTE - oops, doesn't have LTE!. Even if it did, video is going to have to go to internal then moved later. Haven't even got into docs (easiest - Google Docs, no problem there), photos, same thing, stream it from the Cloud (a lot slower on HPSA+ than local) but then what if you have a ton of apps? It's just not all going to fit, in some cases not even close!

So you have these relatively inexpensive devices with fantastic latest specs, S4 CPU, wirless charging, yada yada yada. Who the the heck are they targeted at? The gamer with an unlimited data plan than never takes video?

Or is there something else going on here. Something psychological with the Smartphone Generations. Is the Smartphone now more of a status symbol (like a fancy wristwatch was/is) so with the 20 and 30-somethings, most of them can't wait for their 2-yr contract renewal to get the latest phone with the best bragging specs? So the unlocked latest Android phone with the fastest CPU and largest screen with highest PPI and a low cost UNLOCKED is the rage! Look at the new HTC Droid DNA. 16GB, NON-EXPANDABLE!

Will truly unlimited data plans come back into fashion? But at what cost!?! Is the vision from the powers that be that everyone will eventually have a 60mbit LTE connection with unlimited data so most all data (except still maybe HD video) will steam up and down to/from the Cloud on the Fly instead of internal storage?

It's all crazy!
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