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Originally Posted by Motorhead1991 View Post
Now, for the sake of arguement, the Nexus devices as I know them were meant to be a developers playground, not a daily device. If Google wanted to make a daily device, things like storage space would be expandable.
I think the focus of the Nexus range has shifted. With good pricing and wide availability it looks to me more like the idea is to get pure android into wider circulation now.

Now if you look at stats for average smartphone storage use you'll find that 16GB does work for most. People here are not typical. The problem is making the options 8 and 16 rather than 16 and 32 (32 is tight for me, but I know I'm in the tail ). That's repeating the mistake they made with the N7, where they reportedly assumed that the cheaper 8GB model would be the big seller and were caught out when 16 was more popular.
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