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Morning folks! I'm not sure what it is, but my phone has been acting strange recently and I almost reached my breaking point with it yesterday. Recently I've had to toggle airplane mode quite frequently when switching between 3G and 4G because it will lose the data connection even with full signal. More common than that, every time I leave the house or anywhere connected to wifi, it does the same thing.

Well yesterday, it added another frustration to the list. We're out and about trying to find a particular store in Nashville and my data is fine, it searches and finds several stores and I click to get nav to one of them. I gave it 10 minutes or so in the parking lot and it never found GPS signal. So I turn GPS off and on...still nothing. Put it up in my windshield...nothing. So I go to reboot it and it locks completely up. Finally turns off and then the danged thing wont turn back on even after a battery pull! I finally got it powered back up and it navigated fine afterwards...but it seems anything I want to do something I have to reboot or toggle something. I was ready to throw the thing out the window and file a claim with the insurance I bought at Radio Shack. I'm going to wait till 4.2 ROMS come out and try flashing some of those, but if this doesn't stop I'm going to have to do something. Actually tried a couple of days ago to convince my wife to think about buying out of our Verizon contract, selling our phones, buying Nexus 4's and going with straight talk wireless...that would cut our cell bill in half almost! That may be the road I take if this continues.
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