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Originally Posted by strausd View Post
Still nothing here as well. When I called, they said 2 day shipping is really a day to process plus 2 day shipping, so really 3 days.

When I originally ordered, I got an error that accidentally ordered both an 8GB and a 16GB. So naturally I went to cancel the 8GB. I wonder if that could be causing the delay for me. Did you have anything weird like that happen to you?
Man I'm in the same boat! Had multiple orders, and had to cancel two of them and left the first original one alone, and now I'm wondering if that slowed things down at all? All I know is that at this point it may be best that I don't get anything, imagine getting a faulty unit and you have to get a replacement? Holy Crap...I'd really loose it! See that's why Apple just trumps Google in so many areas when it comes to the buyers experience and just being able to waltz into a store and just deal with someone one on one. Something like this can prove to be disastrous in the long run to a company.

The reason I say this is because maybe at the end of the day the whole reasoning behind Goole trying to do this on their own is really not all the carriers faults and really because the carriers didn't want to deal with this nonsense. The droid DNA on Verizon isn't even out yet, however it's a phone with specs that pretty much best the Nexus 4 and the preorder page went live right after it was announced and a lot of reviewers have already done a complete unboxing for us Android heads to view, compete with the notion of there being a set date to just go walk into the store and snatch one up from VZW. Yet nobody on Earth has a single idea WTF Google is doing right now. Google has proven to me that they still haven't learned anything since the Nexus One days...not a single thing!

Oh well, what can ya do!
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