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Originally Posted by Kamau View Post
I'd they hadn't gone on strike, that would have been accepting things as they were. At some point, you have to say "enough is enough". You get tired of working your ass off, watching a company grow & prosper, while you struggle to make ends meet, all the while watching the upper management executives get huge salaries & bonuses.
Tell those in those top offices to give back 8% of their wages, and see how they'll react. That's just American greed at its finest.
If they don't like it then they can leave. Nobody is entitled to a job or a certain wage (other then minimum wage). People these days feel like they are entitled to make the same amount as others. That is the type of thinking that gets us into trouble.

The fact that the strike caused this mess is indisputable; it is a fact. You may feel the strike is warranted and blame others for the strike but the fact remains that the strike caused it. It was one union covering only 30% of the employees that caused this mess.
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